Hi, I'm Dr. Yasmeen

Expert: Resiliency and De-escalation Training

I graduated with a Ph.D. in Psychiatry and have made it my life’s mission to create practical training to make front line-public interactions safe. I do this by creating and delivering evidenced based and evidence informed resiliency and de-escalation training through the Resiliency and De-escalation Training Academy, or The RAD CAD. Based on 11 years of scientific research, my training continues to be delivered to Police Officers, University Security, Bus Operators, Paramedics, Housing employees, Government Agencies, and customer service professionals. I have trained groups across Canada, the USA, and the Netherlands. I look forward to meeting and creating training to fulfill your unique training needs.

Proven Training

Dr. Krameddine has been working in this field since 2011 and has created an evidence-based system that was initially introduced to 650 police officers leading to some incredible results.

• 41% decrease in physical force
• 26% decrease in weapon force
• 23% increases in confidence
• 41% increase in efficiency
• 20% decrease in complaints.

Since then, this system has been modified and enhanced, and to date she has trained over 2500 professionals in customer or client facing roles and her clients continue to see amazing results.

• Police officers
• Security
• Paramedics
• Bus Operators
• Housing employees
• Civilian members of police organizations
• Frontline government employees
• Residence services
• Student Services
• Customer service
• Hospital Staff
• Construction employees
• Property Management Companies


She has written many scholarly peer reviewed publications that have been downloaded and read thousands of times. With thousand of views, she is an expert and well sought after Resiliency and De-escalation Trainer, delivering training proven to work. See her scholarly publications below, or get access to the downloadable articles at this link.

Lentz L, Silverstone PH and Krameddine YI (2020) High Rates of Mental Health Disorders in Civilian Employees Working in Police
     Organizations. Front. Psychol. 11:1031. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2020.01031

Krameddine, Y.I. (2017). Expert Report for the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. De-escalation Training: Scientific  
     Review and  Recommendations (in press). In Andersen, J.P., Di Nota, P.M., Poplawski, S., Pitel, M., Zurowski, J., and Azmi, P. (2017).
     The Science Behind De-escalation and Use of Force Decision-Making: Policy Recommendations for Police Training. Submitted to
     Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.  

Krameddine, Y.I. & Silverstone P.H. (2015). Police use of handcuffs in the homeless population leads to long-term negative attitudes within
     this group. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry.  

Krameddine, Y.I. & Silverstone P.H. (2015). How to improve interactions between police and the mentally ill. Front. Psychiatry 5:186. doi:

Krameddine, Y.I. (2014). Developing, Implementing and Evaluation a Mental Health Training Program for Police Officers. (Doctoral
     Dissertation). University of Alberta, Canada.  

Krameddine, Y.I., DeMarco, D., Hassel, R. Silverstone, P.H. (2013). A novel training program for Police Officers that improves interactions
     with mentally ill individuals and is cost-effective. Frontiers Psychiatry. 4 (9), 1-10 doi: 10.3389/fpsyt.2013.00009  

Silverstone, P.H., Krameddine, Y.I., DeMarco, D., Hassel, R. (2013). A novel approach to training police officers how to best interact with
     individuals who may have a psychiatric disorder. Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the      Law. 41:344–55.

Media Presence

She has been interviewed on multiple news channels, newspapers, radio, and podcasts. If you would like to contact her for your media needs, please email info@theradcad.com.

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